Area Medical Gas Alarm

Algas Medical local/area alarm panels are capable of monitoring 2 conditions on up to 6 gas services at any one time. They also include individual pressure switches that are hardwired into the system. Other than this difference, the features of the local panel are very similar to the central panels. This includes the dimensions of […]

Plant Encoders

Algas Medical understands that hospitals and other healthcare providers have complex, unique needs that mean someone may need to be alerted to a problem when they are away from the central alarm panel. For this reason, the company has developed plant encoders. These are designed to reduce wiring to a minimum and are transmitters, generally […]

Medical Gas Alarm

Algas Medical’s plant alarm panel provides continuous monitoring of medical gas installations across hospitals and other healthcare providers. It monitors up to 4 conditions for each gas and up to 6 gases per panel, giving clients comprehensive information about the state of their supply at any given time. Algas recognises that clients might wish to […]