Rigid Medical Pendants

The Algas Medical Rigid Medical Pendants are designed and engineered to the same exacting standards as our Retractable Pendants but are constructed to suit those situations where the flexibility of a telescopic housing is not a priority. These rigid units are designed to be fitted to a first fix plate that should be securely attached […]

Retractable Medical Pendants

Algas Medical’s Retractable Medical Pendants are highly regarded for their technical excellence, quality of construction and for the reliability and efficiency of their operation. These multi-functional units are now the preferred option within many hospitals and other medical establishments. The pendants must be securely attached to a first fix plate that in turn should be […]

Pressure Reducing Stations

These units incorporate pressure regulators, which can be adjusted to meet the precise requirements of each individual installation, pressure gauges are fitted to monitor outlet pressure at all times to ensure it stays at a safe, constant flow. All units are fail safe as they are fitted with safety relief valves in the event of […]

Lockable Line Valves

The key feature of lockable line valves is a simple locking device that can either lock the operating lever in the open or closed position. They offer excellent, leak free connections as soon as they are joined to the corresponding pipe work, making them extremely safe and easy to use. Clients also have peace of […]

Medical Gas Terminal Units

This range of MGT’s is designed in accordance with EN737-1, HTM02-01 and HTM2022 standards, it can cater for a range of medical gases and all products are colour coded to prevent confusion. They can be used for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxy-Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air 4, Medical Air 7, Medical Vacuum and AGSS. They feature an […]

Area Valve Zone Modules

These modular units incorporate up to 6 isolation valve boxes as well as an Area Medical Gas Alarm Panel. Each isolation box is designed to allow for gas sampling, purging, emergency supply connection and testing. Gas type and valve position can be instantly determined through the see-through glass panels that make up the front of […]

Area Valve Service Units

These offer local gas isolation facilities that can be utilised during routine maintenance and installation procedures as well as during an emergency. They can be used for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxy-Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air 4, Medical Air 7 and Vacuum. They come housed in a steel box with the front of the box is having […]