Dental and Laboratory Plants

Algas Manufacturing’s range of Dental / Laboratory plants are designed to provide the flow requirements of the system at the lowest economical cost and all the plants are built in accordance with the HTM2022 and HTM02-01 standards

Dental Vacuum Plants

One of the most popular options in this range is the wet dental suction units, which is ideal for any client looking for top of the line dental equipment. These high volume suction units can be used in dental suites where there are multiple chairs, making it an extremely effective solution. All units come with all the necessary interconnecting pipe work and wiring, as well as the control panel pump module and wet interceptor filter assembly.

The vacuum plant is comprised of the following:

  • Suction pumps. These are air cooled and dry running units that provide quiet, vibration free operation.
  • Interceptor tank. This has a capacity of at least 1 litre for each dental chair served. The tank comes with a sight glass to view levels, manual and automatic drains and a switch that shuts the system down if it becomes overfilled.
  • Bacterial filter. This is a two-stage filter to ensure maximum efficiency of the system. There is also a safe change facility to remove fouled elements.
  • Control panel. This includes pressure switches and a pressure gauge as well as the other features necessary to control the system.

Laboratory Vacuum Plants

In this area, Algas Manufacturing also offer Simplex Laboratory Vacuum Plants. These are designed for centralised systems and the MIM LV range uses a single vacuum pump, bacterial filter and control panel that are all mounted on a vacuum vessel. All of the equipment is tested and certified prior to dispatch, giving clients added peace of mind and confidence in the product.

Dental / Laboratory Air Plants

Built to the most exacting engineering standards by Algas Manufacturing, this versatile range of Air Plant complies with all the rigorous standards of HTM02-01 or HTM2022. Designed and built in a modular format, this range of plants can be fitted with either reciprocating compressors or screw compressors, plant is exceptionally easy to install, has a well-proven reliability record and delivers some of the most economic flow rates within the industry.