Medical Gas Alarm

Algas Medical’s plant alarm panel provides continuous monitoring of medical gas installations across hospitals and other healthcare providers. It monitors up to 4 conditions for each gas and up to 6 gases per panel, giving clients comprehensive information about the state of their supply at any given time. Algas recognises that clients might wish to monitor additional gas supplies and so additional panels are available that can allow up to 18 gases per system to be monitored at all times.

The system is easy to install and also to operate, with only 1 pair of cables used as interconnecting wiring. The alarm system meets the current HTM02-01 and HTM2022 specifications.

Each unit also benefits from useful features such as a volume control, mute button and engineer’s reset button. They can easily be tested to ensure they are still working and a light will be illuminated when the mute button is pressed. Access to the panels is gained via a hinged door and a tamperproof screw so clients can be certain their system is safe and secure at all times, other than when they specifically choose to access it. Different panels are available for either flush or surface mounting applications, to take into consideration the different requirements of different healthcare providers.