Retractable Medical Pendants

Algas Medical’s Retractable Medical Pendants are highly regarded for their technical excellence, quality of construction and for the reliability and efficiency of their operation. These multi-functional units are now the preferred option within many hospitals and other medical establishments.

The pendants must be securely attached to a first fix plate that in turn should be attached to a structural housing within the ceiling void and must not be supported by the ceiling panels alone. All the NIST assemblies are wholly contained within the pendant unit itself, which is incorporated into a 400mm telescopic movement, enabling it to be accurately raised or lowered via a remote handset to suit the individual needs of the patient, the staff and the location.

The pendant can incorporate up to nine Pressure Gas, Vacuum and AGSS terminals all supplied via a built-in network of flexible hose. In addition, all the electrical sockets are individually wired with all cabling being isolated within a separate compartment inside the pendant.

These pendant units can be customised to match individual requirements and are engineered in our own factory from high quality steel before they are treated with a robust, white powder coated finish to ensure a neat, hygienic and easy to clean surface. Algas Medical’s Pendant Units are fully HTM 2022 compliant and CE marked, and every unit is stringently tested and approved by our in-house quality control department prior to dispatch.