With over thirty years’ experience of designing and manufacturing hospital engineered products, Algas Group is well-placed to deal with a wide variety of clients from the healthcare industry. The company’s excellent service extends from the initial consultation process to determine client need right through to after-sales services to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Algas Group works with an in-house team of highly skilled engineers, meaning that products can be tailored to the needs of clients. All of the company’s engineers understand that they are designing life-support equipment and so every care is taken to ensure it is designed to the highest standards and specifications. Algas Group are ISO 9001 accredited meaning that clients can be certain they are getting a safe, competent and professional service, no matter what their requirements might be.


Algas Group takes pride in developing good relations with all its clients and all staff are experienced hospital systems operatives. The company has an excellent understanding of how hospitals work and experience of working in countries across the world means different working practices will be taken into consideration as a matter of course. The aim is to cause as little disruption to patients as possible whenever Algas Group’s staff are working on-site as, of course, the standard of care they receive is of utmost importance. You can be sure that when you use Algas Group, you will receive an understanding service that puts clients and patients first.


Algas Group understand that it’s absolutely vital manufacturing of products is completed to the highest possible standard. The manufacturing plant is based in the UK and extreme care is taken to ensure that all relevant health and safety legislation is upheld, as well as other legislation relevant to the healthcare industry. This is especially important in relation to medical electrical equipment and medical gas pipeline systems – the appropriate regulations are followed at all times so clients can be sure the products Algas Group provides will be of the very highest standard and safe to use.


Of course, after-sales services are just as important as the services received throughout the design and manufacturing process. Algas Group understand that the job doesn’t finish with product installation as often the equipment is highly sensitive. Staff work closely with hospital staff to ensure all equipment is used properly and that the appropriate training is delivered to ensure safe usage. There is also a dedicated after-sales team who provide any technical assistance that may be required. They also offer service contracts on medical gas equipment to make sure all products supplied by Algas Group continue to operate to high standards and that all safety procedures are met following product installation.

Algas Group take customer services very seriously and company practices have been developed over 30 years in the business. This means that Algas Group really know how to offer a comprehensive package that’s tailored to meet the needs of individual customers, no matter where in the world they might be based. With agents in countries across the world any hospital or healthcare provider that uses Algas Group products can be certain of a high quality, bespoke service at all times.